Multifunctional Pirose scarf exhibited and sold at one of world's largest wholesale marketplaces.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL, July 27, 2011-- Wholesale marketplace giant AmericasMart welcomed a new fixture to their permanent showrooms, with the designer herself making her debut at the show on July 13. Reno Rose, creator of revolutionary fashion accessory Pirose, showcased an array of new designs at the newly appointed setup, located in Building 2 on the 14th floor (1409-1411). Represented by Rep Connection, the company secured countless contracts with gift shops and boutiques, including Hallmark and other independent retailers throughout the East Coast. 

The Pirose shop provides an interactive display which engages customers and allows them to try before they buy. Throughout the presentation, Reno stood by to educate retailers on usage of the interactive display. She also demonstrated the myriad ways in which Pirose can be worn. Along with the styles already included in the Pirose promotional video, Rose added a few additional styling ideas that she had thought of since the release of the video.

Rose's boundless energy paid off: boutique and gift shop owners flocked to the display, intrigued by the versatility of the product and the innovative concept. One AmericasMart retailer observed, "People just walk by, they're sucked into the showroom, they're watching her [Reno] make the presentation, and five minutes later, they're going, 'I want it.' They're not asking 'how much is it?' They're not asking, 'how many pieces come with it?' All they want to know is, 'how much does it retail for and how do I get it?' I'm blown away by it." 

With Atlanta's global presence on the market--Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the world's busiest hubs, welcoming millions of visitors annually--the showroom at AmericasMart was positioned perfectly for Reno Rose to gain a foothold on the international stage. The company will also extend its presence to permanent showrooms in all of the international gift markets nationwide.