Ways to Wear + Sizing

Ready to wear looks
All women have their own sense of style. Pirose gives you several options of how to wear, whether you are dressing up for night or staying casually chic for day.

12 ways to wear Pirose
Pirose transitions an outfit from day to night with more than 12 ways to wear:




Pirose 12 Ways to Wear Instructions

1.   Face A to front. Opening E should align with shoulders.

2.   Place A or B in front. Gently pull end C or D until opening E comes off one shoulder and other end touches your neck.

3.   Make opening E perpendicular to the shoulders. Sides C or D should be front to back.

4.   Create style 3. Loop end C through opening E.

5.   Create style 2. Loop end C through opening E and place looped part at end of shoulder.

6.   Create style 1. Take C or D to make a knot at neck. Pull fabric through leaving a small “tail.” Ruffle fabric to create a rose shape.    Pull end of tail to undo knot.

7.   Take ends C and D and tie them together comfortably.

8.   Create style 1. Gather fabric at front and toss behind shoulders. 

9.   Loop C or D though E and tighten until comfortably snug around neck. Leave one end in front and the other in back.

10. Create style 5, open and pull the smaller side until symmetric with opposite side.

11. Bring C and D together to tie a single knot.

12. Opposite of style 1. B faces to the front.

* Styles 1-6, 8, 10 and 12: Place Pirose over your head.

* Styles 7, 9, and 11: Start out style as if you are 

   putting on a scarf.

Graceful, elegant, feminine and beautiful, Pirose flatters every body type. Each scarf is available in three lengths - small, medium and large - but each suits all body types. Depending on how you prefer to wear your Pirose, a small size lends a subtle accent, while a large size will provide a more dramatic effect.